Kite Messenger Logo

June 28, 2015

Probably the most whimsical logo I've ever put together. Lockup for Kite Messenger. I usually do stuff that's more simple and serious, so this was a challenge to draw some type that had whimsy up the whazoo but could still scale well an...

Money on Fire

December 10, 2013

Mark for a little project involving the spending of one's money. Tried to keep it strongly driven by geometry in this one. Hope you likey.


July 17, 2013

Final logo for YouTask, an upcoming task management software suite. Simplicity was key in the logo because it's key in the app.

Simple Hummingbird

May 27, 2013

Exploring a stylized/abstract/simplified hummingbird.

Group Leadership

May 26, 2013

Logo concept representing the idea of group leadership—people working together to achieve victory.


April 04, 2013

A completed logo project for Gliimpse, a healthcare technology startup. The client wanted their logo to be simple, memorable, and to evoke an action. After exploration, we landed on this somewhat refined version of a scripty looped G res...


Written History

September 14, 2012

Exploration on a new idea to incorporate writing and time. Sort of a record of one's history, but more elegant than that. What do you guys think?


Time Scroll 2

September 06, 2012

Further exploration around the integration of a scroll and an hourglass.