Taurean El Capitan Night Shift by Taurean

an exploration into what a dark UI version of OS X's stock apps would look like.

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Night Shift

March 08, 2016

Just published my first case study of sorts to my portfolio. A pretty big (although objectively small) accomplishment as its taken me 5 years to get a real portfolio through the door. http://t-bryant.com/work/darkui.html (Not quite mo...

Dark UI Finder.app

February 03, 2016

Second app in my Dark UI project. Let me know if you have a preference for what I should do next, it will probably be Mail.

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Dark UI Calendar.app

January 27, 2016

I felt like my visual design skill set was starting to atrophy so its time for some practice. I've wanted OS X to bundle a dark UI version of their stock apps to go along with the dark UI toggle for spotlight, the dock, and menu bar. I w...