Mario Character Card3

December 05, 2019

This time I painted the bad guys in Mario ^_^ I hope I can continue to paint all the guys in Mario ~

My girl Have Its Owen Dream By Taro

September 20, 2018

My baby always doesn't sleep in night. I think she must have another sky and beautiful dream~ ^_^ You can tap

Mario Character Card2

March 07, 2017

It's good guys in Mario, and I'll continue to draw the bad guys ^_^

Mario Character Card1

March 07, 2017

^_^ Haha, Mario is my important memory of childhood.

Summer Specials- Prawn

August 03, 2016

In my mind, summer is always together with seafood , watermelon and ice cream~ In designing, I just wanna try a style like watercolor by vector in PS. Hope you tap pic for a bigger look~ Continue to enjoy my summer vacation~


June 01, 2016

Hey, last month dribbble give me 4 invitations, one I have given to @HanyuMIX ^_^ Welcome~! ^0^ Anyway Happy Children's Day ! We are forever young ~

Happy new year 2016

January 29, 2016

Happy 2016~ It's designed by PS. Don't ask me when it started >_< ,it's long long long ago... It's like a dreamland filled with Aladdin feeling ~ The attachment is summary of my process~ Hope you like !

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a football with crown

May 06, 2014

Just paint a football with crown by PS. No doubt,football has become a hot topic these days~

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