Liquid button v2

June 06, 2017

My second implementation on CodePen based on shot from @tonipetre Now supports (multi, force sensitive) touch and is easier to implement. Uses SVG to render in high res for retina panels. If you want to play around with the parameters,...

          version 2

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May 29, 2017

Another version of toggle between menu and close button SVG animation Live on CodePen Follow me on Twitter Follow nextcode on Twitter


Animated search progress icon

March 25, 2015

Live on CodePen


Anited sort button

August 15, 2014

Live on CodePen The states are: not sorted not sorted (hover) asc desc


SVG Path Animation Experiment

August 14, 2014

Live on CodePen I tried to create a word with only one path to test some animation. The letters "s" and "g" are a bit off.

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Menu arrow

Menu open & back

August 07, 2014

Live on CodePen

Submit button

Submit Button

August 06, 2014

Live on CodePen


🍔 <-> ❌ (version 1)

August 05, 2014

Live on CodePen