TIPSY PIXEL by Pedja Rusic

These shot are all gonna be related to what we are doing in classes, at some point I will make a team for everyone so you can follow up on our progress!

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Random Quicky

February 01, 2018

A random quick brushy sketch with a student, just pure fun with no real purpose besides pointing out ways of creating nice lines with ease :)

Various Illustrations

December 28, 2017

Some random illustrations done in class, super easy and fun to do.

Random Sword

December 28, 2017

Random sword done in class.


October 09, 2017

Here's a random angel piggy done in class :D

Snow Illu

October 09, 2017

New one, we added snow to mask out some details, turned out cool!

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Vintage Illu Practice

October 06, 2017

Wanted to see how one can do these type's of images, not original just learning with one of my students how some of the awsm designers actually do these type of illustrations! You can check the bigger image and a timelapse in the attac...

Dualshock 4 [ FREE PSD]

July 31, 2017

Hey guys, today I wanted to make a custom controller, this is a layered FREE PSD! Use it however you like, inside the psd you can change colors and such, you have access to every part of the dualshock. Now what I would really like to h...


Tipsy Pixel

July 27, 2017

Just playing around between classes, not sure what to make of it, wanted to make the Tipsy Pixel logo more 3Dish, maybe add some character to it, for now this is a start in some direction, hopefully ill return with more ideas on the next...