1. Little Love Commission nursery illustration art forest moon baby illustration
    Little Love Commission
  2. Melt Logo branding logo design logotype lettering logo
    Melt Logo
  3. The Present Moment parent child hands dog ipadpro procreate planets constellations space time custom lettering hand lettering color texture character lettering limited color illustration
    The Present Moment
  4. Jennings St. Public House Logo victorian pub logotypes lettering blue logotype
    Jennings St. Public House Logo
  5. Buchanan Real Estate logo real estate branding real estate key pattern hand lettering custom logotype logotype
    Buchanan Real Estate
  6. Staser Creative Logo creative couple creative brand branding design self branding branding logotype customlettering lettering logotype design
    Staser Creative Logo
  7. Camelot Jewelers Icons rebrand jewelry brand elements icons acorn jewel submark illustrations animal deer monoline
    Camelot Jewelers Icons
  8. Camelot Logo vector custom logotype logotype tone on tone monoline custom lettering blackletter camelot
    Camelot Logo
  9. Field & Main Holiday Wine Label limited color custom lettering lettering wine holiday monoline illustration
    Field & Main Holiday Wine Label
  10. Lil Bub Fantasy blanket fantasy art vector limited color clouds flying unicorn fox dragon owl bear cat animal illustration character fantasy
    Lil Bub Fantasy
  11. Tail as Old as Time lettering character dog cat animal limited color illustration
    Tail as Old as Time
  12. Merry & Bright new years winter stars swashes monoline custom lettering illustration limited color palette holidays christmas card
    Merry & Bright
  13. Lil Bub 2020 Calendar! holidays pastel color palette promo character animal scenery texture design layout calendar cat color illustration
    Lil Bub 2020 Calendar!
  14. Feel the Fear homwork florals illustration hand lettering lettering fear
    Feel the Fear
  15. Retro Marketing Materials
    Retro Marketing Materials
  16. Student Art Show texture limited color graphic design illustration art supplies poster art poster
    Student Art Show
  17. Better Together Lettering stopmotion still stop motion still tactile typography typography lettering floral tactile lettering
    Better Together Lettering
  18. Lil Bub Popsockets character animal texture popsocket design illustration cat limited color
    Lil Bub Popsockets
  19. Lil Bub Pop Art Subscription Box pop art product design subscription box packaging vector cat limited color illustration design color
    Lil Bub Pop Art Subscription Box
  20. River's Hippo animal plants character texture childrens illustration hippo illustration design limited color color
    River's Hippo
  21. Rad Dad hand lettering lettering color limited color texture collaboration limitedcolor popsocket typography design illustration
    Rad Dad
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