1. Landmarks of Chinese cities illustration daily practice
    View Landmarks of Chinese cities
    Landmarks of Chinese cities
  2. 2.5D illustration daily practice
    View 2.5D
  3. Color exercises illustration daily practice
    View Color exercises
    Color exercises
  4. Remember the honeymoon illustration daily practice
    View Remember the honeymoon
    Remember the honeymoon
  5. Portrait illustration daily practice
    View Portrait
  6. Happy BIrthday illustration daily practice
    View Happy BIrthday
    Happy BIrthday
  7. icon design business project management illustration icons illustrator
    View icon design
    icon design
  8. 70th Anniversary of National Day photoshop daily practice
    View 70th Anniversary of National Day
    70th Anniversary of National Day
  9. An APP reset about sailboat rental (xiaolei playing with boats) commercial projects
    View An APP reset about sailboat rental (xiaolei playing with boats)
    An APP reset about sailboat rental (xiaolei playing with boats)
  10. Xiaolei Play APP 2.0 business project management
    View Xiaolei Play APP 2.0
    Xiaolei Play APP 2.0
  11. April Fool's Day illustration
    View April Fool's Day
    April Fool's Day
  12. Mice and sheep illustration daily practice
    View Mice and sheep
    Mice and sheep
  13. Sweet things illustration
    View Sweet things
    Sweet things
  14. The Afternoon Times illustration daily practice
    View The Afternoon Times
    The Afternoon Times
  15. Trick or treat daily practice illustration
    View Trick or treat
    Trick or treat
  16. Happy Teachers' Day daily practice photoshop
    View Happy Teachers' Day
    Happy Teachers' Day
  17. Illustration collection daily practice illustration
    View Illustration collection
    Illustration collection
  18. Myd daily practice
    View Myd
  19. Hello Dribbble shot first
    View Hello Dribbble
    Hello Dribbble
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