Eediot box tshirt salvatier

Eediot Box T-shirt (Ren & Stimpy Tribute)

June 24, 2015

Hey guys, I don't promote things here, but a lot of you guys asked about prints and t-shirts when I shared my Ren and Stimpy illo here. TeeFury selected my illo as part of their Throwback Tees-day collection and it's on sale now. It com...

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Ren & Stimpy: Eediot Box

May 06, 2015

Didn't get to share the finished piece last week, but here it is. See attachment. It was a thrill to see my work posted on Gallery 1988's window as the show art. Will never forget that. If you'd like to buy a print: http://nineteeneight...

Dribbble ren hoek salvatier

Ren & Stimpy: Ren Hoek

April 08, 2015

And now one of the big two. I was debating whether or not to do a whacked out portrayal of Ren; eyes bugging out and mouth agape. Bu this seems the way to go. I always loved when he wore a suit or the smoking jacket. He was always trying...

Dribbble salvatier mr horse

Ren & Stimpy: Mr. Horse

April 07, 2015

Of course. Mr. Horse. :)

Dribbble salvatier sven hoek

Ren & Stimpy Tribute: Sven Hoek

April 06, 2015

Plugging away on this new gallery piece. Here's another WIP on how it's going. Sven…get in here you ole' yak yeller!

Dribbble salvatier baboon


April 04, 2015

Working on a new gallery piece for Gallery 1988. A tribute this time, for a show that many of us still love. This isn't one of the main characters, but he's been in the show. Wanna guess the show?