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  1. Project exploring development of the logo my fellow MBA Cohort are employed by
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    Updated January 05, 2017
    1. A collection of quotes that will be adoring our new office wall. Sourced from books, speeches and even tweets. Part of a series
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      Updated February 05, 2014
      1. Personal project playing around with the Everton Badge and Branding
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        Updated September 24, 2013
        1. My first personal project for 2013, to explore new skills & styles. A redesign of the badge/logo for Cumann Peile Naomh Anna from Leitir Móir, Galway.
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          Updated March 24, 2013
          1. A series of Ping Pong logo's. The names are nicknames of the bats that are used at HMG Paints during break and lunch times.
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            Updated March 24, 2013
            1. The Day Job. HMG Paints are the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer and they pay my wages. See what we're up to
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              Updated December 18, 2012