Vectips social nav

Vectips Social Nav

December 28, 2011

Working on a social nav bar with a hover state for Vectips.

Vectips character

Vectips Character

October 18, 2011

Working on an update to the Vectips character. Originally it was based on me, but after almost four years, I needed to add some girth to be more accurate :)



October 11, 2011

Working on some tag icons.

Vectips navigation

Vectips Navigation

July 14, 2011

Playing around with some navigation drop-down ideas.

Vectips excerpt

Vectips Excerpt

June 27, 2011

Working on a blog post excerpt for Vectips.

Shot 1300810838

Vectips New Id

March 22, 2011

Playing around with a identity refresh for Vectips.

Shot 1281995792

Shop Widget

August 16, 2010

Working on a simple shopping sidebar widget.

Shot 1281026182

Character Update

August 05, 2010

Working on a possible update to the character.