Vector mill 2011 crates

Vector Mill 2011 Crates

December 13, 2011

Made some crates for some year end Vector Mill crate bundles.

Vm cyber monday

Vector Mill Cyber Monday

November 28, 2011

Working on some graphics for the Vector Mill Cyber Monday Sale.

Vector mill ad

Vector Mill Ad

June 22, 2011

Working on a 200 x 125 sidebar ad. Wanted to get some opinions on readability of the copy. Not too worried about the small text in bottom of logo. Thoughts?

Shot 1297095372

Vector Mill Launch

February 07, 2011

Vector Mill is live! There is probably some stuff I missed, but it's up and working.

Shot 1296748674

Vm Contact Form

February 03, 2011

Working on a contact form!

Shot 1295457929

VM About

January 19, 2011

Updating my avatar for the VM About Page

Shot 1294847523

Footer Icons

January 12, 2011

Working on some footer icons for Vector Mill.

Shot 1294674552

Vector Mill Header

January 10, 2011

Working on the Working on the Vector Mill site header.