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  1. 22 Feb
    Commented on Nike Webshop - Concept

    Great choice of sneakers. Love the Lunar One Shot. Gonna buy one for skating Barcelona this summer.

    @Marko Prljic

    I see your view on the CTA. It looks kinda blended but it's easily recognizable. I think he used the ios-ish tint color technique, coloring most of the links with the brand color.


  2. 17 Feb
    Commented on Small Talk

    Welcome on Dribbble. Nice debut.

  3. 17 Feb
    Followed Evelin Bundur.
  4. 10 Feb
    Commented on www.hrvojegrubisic.com

    One of the best portofolio's i've seen lately. Nice layout and good user experiences (the navigation). Simple but bet it was hard to get to this iteration.

    Not a fan of the carrier view tough, i don't really like the 2000-2015 hanging there. Think it overcrowds the design but this may be a personal taste

  5. 4 Feb
    Followed Petra Sitaru.