Github Portfolio Dev / Design Update

May 03, 2016

Recently pushed a big update to my in progress front end engineering portfolio. Very openly taking inspiration from @Bethany Heck and her method of multi-typeface arrangements. Any feedback is welcome


April 13, 2016

working out some branding for our final project at the iron yard

Life's A Pitch

April 04, 2016

We recently had to pitch an idea for our final projects so I had fun with it and quickly worked up a few supporting slides to aid in delivery. We were limited to 1 minute so brevity was important. The idea was to re-examine the design ...

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Github Portfolio Dev / Design

March 30, 2016

I'll be openly designing and developing my github portfolio. Additionally, in order to add a layer of complexity I will be limiting myself to iteration of design to the tools available in the browser (eg. the console). This means color,...

This Is Jeopardy

March 29, 2016

SNEAKPEEK at one of the recent projects while at The Iron Yard there are bugs and it isn't perfect but I did it. Play it here: