Nº6 Illustration — 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP 500S

January 31, 2019

Murciélago’s evil brother. The Countach, a perfect example of a wallpaper supercar. If I would have the privilege to own one, I would go for this colour scheme. What’s you favourite Italian car brand?

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Nº5 Illustration — 1987 Ferrari F40

January 07, 2019

If you ask me the F40 is the ultimate Ferarri. It has the distinctive shape that has been used in many icon sets. Luckily I had the change to see one driving a few years back. The ancestor of the LaFerrari. The ultimate supercar of the l...

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Nº4 Illustration — 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo

August 20, 2018

During my trip to Berlin some while ago I came across this Porsche. I instantly fell in love with this great German classic. With this illustration I tried to improve on my previous car and create a little series in my spare time (for pe...

Nº2 Illustration — Lamborghini Miura 1969

December 21, 2017

Hey Dribbblers 🏀, After creating the Ford GT40 I couldn’t resist myself to create a second car illustration. This time my focus was to create something in between the skeuomorphic and my previous illustration style. My pick? The gorgeou...

Nº1 Illustration — Ford GT40

December 04, 2017

Hey Dribbblers 🏀, If you ask me what my favourite car is, I probably come up with a list. But one thing is clear, the Ford GT40 is certainly on that list. I have created this illustration quite recently at @Yummygum to improve my illust...