Hang tags

July 18, 2017

Hang tags for Inita Nova -- So since my previous "everything isn't going right, here's my plan" plan...here is an update; Things didn't work out — I'm still juggling 5+ projects, and the list is getting longer... But as hindsight is u...

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Red Rose

May 19, 2017

I feel that recently I'm juggling and jumping between far too many projects too often and that I can't play and experiment as much or as well as I used to. So from today, I'm going to write up a good old fashioned to-do list of what I ...


May 03, 2017

A little piece that has been fun to experiment with. It got the client excited, which is always nice. I have another UX LP in the works, and should be due out soon after yesterdays shot found some new followers. .... Hey new peeps! 👋

Initia Nova Competition

May 02, 2017

Just having a play around with some landing page designs, and thought I'd use this as an opportunity to work with one of my latest completed brand projects. You can check more of that out here and can expect a couple of more LPs soon / ...

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In gif

Initia Nova

March 13, 2017

The initial branding for a interior design company - more to come. 🌹 -- p.s. looks 300% better in @x2