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  1. 17h
    Commented on Administration panel

    I guess you sold your soul to the design devils. This is not human.
    Absolutely perfect.

  2. 10 Mar
    Commented on Gingr - list of expenses

    Great, but why did you hide so much items. Your only filters come under "more filters" , and that's just frustrating to the users. All of that could have fitted above. Even to make two rows would be better.
    No way in such manager, that the date would be more important than actual expenses.

  3. 3 Mar
    Followed Rally Interactive.
  4. 20 Feb
    Commented on Free Mail App Ui Kit (Sketch)

    I love you guys.

  5. 4 Feb
    Commented on New Rally Site!!

    Oh for fucks sake. Sorry my language, but this is exactly what web needeed. All the sameness made me want to quit web design, you broke the ice, thanks.

  6. 28 Jan
    Commented on Settings study

    #3 is the least confusing. All of those to me as a designer seem great.

  7. 12 Jan
    Commented on Music Web Album View

    Looks great !

  8. 9 Jan
    Commented on Futuralbum Process + Explorations

    The prince of illustration, people.