Vapor chat icon design

VaporChat Icon Design

April 17, 2015

We are happy to announce that VaporChat recently raised $1.5 million. Here is the app icon we designed for this private messaging app. 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

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Flat news app icon design ramotion

News App Branding - Icon Design

April 13, 2015

An icon design for a news app. We're available for projects — Contact Us

Bitstrips & Bitmoji App Icons

January 05, 2015

We were super excited to work on Bitstrips and Bitmoji brand identity. The design case study available here (2nd part of the article): 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

HoursTracker iOS App Icon

October 14, 2014

HoursTracker is a personal accounting app which clocks in and out as you work and allows you to keep track of your earnings. The app has already been featured by Lifehacker as Best Time Tracking App for iPhone with more than 800,000 dow...

Quan Quan iPhone App Icon Design

September 17, 2014

We designed the icon for 圈邻 (Quan Quan) iPhone app. The character designed to fit the visual style of in-app stickers and emojis :) 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Coaching App Icon Design | iOS 8

June 24, 2014

iOS app icon for a sport coaching app. The app shows some video tutorials with visual instructions. Check out the attachment for more details. 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

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Whats Free iPhone App Icon

June 18, 2014

The final version of the app icon for What’s Free app: 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

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What’s Free iOS app icon

June 13, 2014

We usually do not show options that were rejected by our clients. However is this case we want to share it with you guys. The app allows to get something for free or with a great discount. Check out the attachment for more details. Ram...