Firefox Monitor – Brand Identity Sketches

February 26, 2019

Usually, to find a strong and memorable shape for a logo, we combine two visual metaphors. We believe in dopamine that hits when a viewer recognizes not only the most obvious shape but also experiences an "aha" moment. That makes him/her...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Logo Sketches

January 16, 2019

At the early stages, we usually explore lots of different shapes based on the attributes and other information about a company. Here is such early hand-drawn exploration for Kyber Network. Check full article here 🖤FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Early Sketches for Plexchat In-app Icons

January 03, 2019

Early sketches and exploration for in-app icons made for Plexchat — mobile gamers community chat. ✏️FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Logo Sketches & Color Exploration

December 17, 2018

Symbol sketches and color combinations 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Logo Exploration

November 19, 2018

Hand-drawn logo exploration. It's not always that accurate as you can see 😁 🖤 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Kyber Network Early Hand-drawn Sketches

November 14, 2018

Early hand-drawn sketches for decentralized exchange service that allows seamless, secure, and instant crypto token conversion called Kyber Network Check full case study here 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Early Hand-Sketches Branding for Nelio

October 31, 2018

Our branding process always starts from an understanding of the product/service/business. As soon as we have enough info, we start sketching possible directions for further exploration. Here are the first options that were made for Neli...

Early Brand Sketches

October 24, 2018

Exploring some friendly shapes for a brand, sketches are the fastest way to make your ideas alive. 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM