1. Home screen redesigned insurance app insurance vehicle car policy ui home home screen interface insuretech app mobile
    Home screen redesigned
  2. We've updated our payments! design app ui mobile ios cuvva card details view card subscription billing apple pay pay card wallet payments payment
    We've updated our payments!
  3. Medicine & Pill Reminder medicine pill reminder app concept healthcare health schedule alarm patient 10clouds mobile
    Medicine & Pill Reminder
  4. Medicine & Pill Reminder mobile 10clouds patient alarm schedule health healthcare concept app reminder pill medicine
    Medicine & Pill Reminder
  5. Playground: Pull to refresh light minimal playground 10clouds table list effect particles animation mobile interaction pull to refresh refresh
    Playground: Pull to refresh
  6. Playground: Swipe to delete opensource 10clouds playground interaction animation table list delete swipe to delete swipe github mobile
    Playground: Swipe to delete
  7. Playground: Animated tab bar playground 10clouds appstore github interaction design interaction animation tab navigation bottom menu bottom nav tabbar tab
    Playground: Animated tab bar
  8. 30k Followers on Dribbble! ui vector mobile animation illustration happy 10clouds design team design thank you high five dribbble followers 30k celebrating
    30k Followers on Dribbble!
  9. Fluid tab bar interaction tab navigation select switch mobile animation navigation menu tab interaction tab bar
    Fluid tab bar interaction
  10. Wishu app: Map & Filters map mobile ios app filter search university offers wishes categories
    Wishu app: Map & Filters
  11. Wishu app: onboarding tutorial onboarding mobile ios app yellow illustrations filter search map university offers wishes categories
    Wishu app: onboarding
  12. Wishu app: Wishes & Offers categories wishes offers university search filter app ios mobile
    Wishu app: Wishes & Offers
  13. OSIS Healthcare - Doctor's Dashboard 10clouds blue health healthcare dashboard patient doctor interface ui uxui blockchain
    OSIS Healthcare - Doctor's Dashboard
  14. OSIS Healthcare - Dashboard blockchain uxui ui interface doctor patient dashboard healthcare health blue 10clouds
    OSIS Healthcare - Dashboard
  15. Trashify app - animated illustration mobile app illustration animation vector trash segregation ecology eco
    Trashify app - animated illustration
  16. Trashify app - illustration eco ecology segregation trash home screen vector concept illustration mobile app
    Trashify app - illustration
  17. Trashify - app concept minimal clean trash segregation ecology illustration interaction mobile
    Trashify - app concept
  18. UX Podcasts blog post cover vol 2 blue illustration ux podcast ux podcast mixtape blog post blog
    UX Podcasts blog post cover vol 2
  19. UX Podcasts blog post cover blog blog post mixtape ux podcast podcast ux illustration blue
    UX Podcasts blog post cover
  20. Animated self portrait portrait illustration animation selfie
    Animated self portrait
  21. Simple dashboard panel sidebar manager task desktop dashboard
    Simple dashboard
  22. Find fancy home abroad search home villa properties page platform real estate
    Find fancy home abroad
  23. Warsaw mermaid illustration vector marine warsaw mermaid
    Warsaw mermaid
  24. Minimal design for blog website marketing ui design minimal landing page blog
    Minimal design for blog
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