1. YouTube Facelift app user interface material design youtube google android ux ui design application mobile
    View YouTube Facelift
    YouTube Facelift
  2. Pocket Vet form user interface animal pet vet ios ux ui design mobile app application
    View Pocket Vet
    Pocket Vet
  3. Personal Logo Mark typography icon branding clean simple sharp geometry grid vector a letter r letter mark design logo
    View Personal Logo Mark
    Personal Logo Mark
  4. Journal diary journal app android google material design ux ui design application mobile
    View Journal
  5. InstaSnatch ios simple uiux pictures link media download instagram design application app mobile
    View InstaSnatch
  6. Flight Search and Booking ui clean simple blue application mobile user interface design app ticket plane travel flying booking flight
    View Flight Search and Booking
    Flight Search and Booking
  7. Nokia Lumia 2020 blue yellow update back front concept 2020 lumia nokia phone windows10 windows design device mobile
    View Nokia Lumia 2020
    Nokia Lumia 2020
  8. Kroog Icons photos calculator gmail vlc reddit maps vector design circle material design application android icons pack icon set icons app
    View Kroog Icons
    Kroog Icons
  9. Music Player Transitions user experience user interface figma navigation transitions animations player music android material design application design app mobile
    View Music Player Transitions
    Music Player Transitions
  10. Split the Bill user interface uiux ios camera scan bill receipt application app mobile design ui
    View Split the Bill
    Split the Bill
  11. Instagram Redesign application simple uiux media social redesign instagram user interface ux design app mobile ui
    View Instagram Redesign
    Instagram Redesign
  12. Desert Background vector desktop 4k simple illustration design landscape illustration dunes clean wallpaper landscape background desert
    View Desert Background
    Desert Background
  13. Android Navigation 2.0 app uiux user interface android bar navigation phone google application design mobile material design
    View Android Navigation 2.0
    Android Navigation 2.0
  14. Tool illustration vector design typography branding rock logo album music toolband band tool
    View Tool
  15. Social App media profile ios blue clean simple iphone feed social mobile ux ui design application app
    View Social App
    Social App
  16. Recipe App (WEChef) ios clean simple ingredients food recipe mobile user experience user interface ux ui design application app
    View Recipe App (WEChef)
    Recipe App (WEChef)
  17. Pixel 4 Notifications ux clean mobile ui design material design google drop down controls notifications concept phone pixel android
    View Pixel 4 Notifications
    Pixel 4 Notifications
  18. VLC Player Redesign simple clean google list view menu slide media orange vlc player video application app mobile ux ui design android material design
    View VLC Player Redesign
    VLC Player Redesign
  19. CALYPCEO modern tech data abstract c clean icon branding typography vector illustration design logo
  20. My name logo exploration "Ratko Batinić" graphic  design font letters design branding vector typography logo
    View My name logo exploration "Ratko Batinić"
    My name logo exploration "Ratko Batinić"
  21. Google search results face-lift. ui  ux design clean simple design redisign web deisgn material design results search chrome google
    View Google search results face-lift.
    Google search results face-lift.
  22. AdBlocker Chrome extension download ui design illustration material design download extension chrome landing page web page web design web
    View AdBlocker Chrome extension download
    AdBlocker Chrome extension download
  23. Square Material Design Icons ui design mobile clean square icon app icon android google material design app icons icon set icons
    View Square Material Design Icons
    Square Material Design Icons
  24. Ditty Dog star dog playful fun hat food hotdog texas illustraion design logo
    View Ditty Dog
    Ditty Dog
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