An Alien with a Magnet - Icon - FREE!

August 30, 2013

This is the new icon for An Alien with a Magnet. And also, together with version 1.1 we decided to give away the iOS version for FREE for ONE DAY ONLY! So get it now!

An Alien with a Magnet - Icon - Out Now!

August 03, 2013

An Alien with a Magnet is OUT NOW! Here's a shot of the icon we're using for our game. Let me know what you guys think! Also, the game is available for iOS. Other platforms will follow! Check out our Trailer on:

An Alien with a Magnet - Official Website & Trailer

July 13, 2013

At long last! An Alien with a Magnet is DONE! The game is finished and will be available first for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) in August 2013! Because of this I've finished the Official Trailer & Website for it which can bot...

Press & Hold

May 01, 2013

So, I've redesigned our first tutorial level. Still has to be implemented, but we found out it can be pretty hard to explain a simple gameplay mechanic for a new type of game. I'm pretty satisfied with the hand!

An Alien with a Magnet - In-Game

April 13, 2013

Hey all! I've been REALLY busy with finishing two games I'm working on. So, here's a fresh slice from a in-game screenshot of An Alien with a Magnet. Curious about how it looks in motion? Check out:

Sad Alien

February 01, 2013

Sad Alien! :(

Level Select

January 27, 2013

Small slice from the An Alien with a Magnet level select screen. Wanted to do something different, instead of all Angry Birds/Cut the Rope level select copycats.



December 17, 2012

Some diamonds you can collect for more points in our new upcoming game.