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  1. 29 Mar Pro
    Ryan Bannon
    Commented on Iconography

    So. Good.

  2. 25 Mar Pro
    Ryan Bannon
    Commented on House Hunting Mac App

    Thanks @Ben Wong! We're really excited to be able to revisit a project we were so passionate about, there's been a lot of innovation in the shelter hunting space since we released Mapitat.

    Rather than paginate, the app would be a fixed height with a scroll for users that had more matches (kind of how CloudApp or Creative Cloud handles it).

    As for saving listings from this view, we really want to drive to the site where we can offer far more context regarding an individual listing. We want to encourage users to save listings that they are serious about pursuing.

    Having listings pile up over a couple of days or a week isn't something we'd thought too much about actually. I suppose we'd leave them, it'll take some more thought, research, and testing to know what the right decision is for that.

    Thanks for the thought provoking feedback.

  3. 25 Mar Pro
    Ryan Bannon
    Commented on House Hunting Mac App

    Almost two years after we launched the first version of our apartment hunting web app, Mapitat. We're finally revisiting it and working on a refresh that reflects how the world has changed since we released the first version.

    When you're hunting for a rental — timeliness is everything. This is a concept for an OSX app that sends notifications of new listings that match your search preferences so that you're the first to know when the perfect place becomes available.