1. Ascension bible digital coloring photoshop penandink drawing illustration
    View Ascension
  2. Unshakeable: A Series in Daniel pen and ink photoshop art illustration art illustration
    View Unshakeable: A Series in Daniel
    Unshakeable: A Series in Daniel
  3. Immanuel Student Ministry rebrand
    View Immanuel Student Ministry rebrand
    Immanuel Student Ministry rebrand
  4. Come See A Man
    View Come See A Man
    Come See A Man
  5. Temple
    View Temple
  6. Gospel of John
    View Gospel of John
    Gospel of John
  7. Hymnal design
    View Hymnal design
    Hymnal design
  8. Breakfast
    View Breakfast
  9. Lamb Flora
    View Lamb Flora
    Lamb Flora
  10. Fishermen
    View Fishermen
  11. Ascension illustration
    View Ascension
  12. Doubting Thomas
    View Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas
  13. John 21 - fisherman disciples
    View John 21 - fisherman disciples
    John 21 - fisherman disciples
  14. Solitude
    View Solitude
  15. Lazarus raised
    View Lazarus raised
    Lazarus raised
  16. Faith
    View Faith
  17. Good Shepherd
    View Good Shepherd
    Good Shepherd
  18. Cuban Birds
    View Cuban Birds
    Cuban Birds
  19. True Vine
    View True Vine
    True Vine
  20. Water into Wine
    View Water into Wine
    Water into Wine
  21. Come See A Man
    View Come See A Man
    Come See A Man
  22. Ephesus
    View Ephesus
  23. Cleansing
    View Cleansing
  24. First Stone
    View First Stone
    First Stone
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