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by Prekesh Chavda

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Flying Nimbus

It's the flying nimbus! Given to Goku by Master Roshi after he helped his turtle get back home. I didn't know how to make this so I just improvised and this ...

November 24, 2012

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Turtle stone

Turtle Stone

Those of you who are Dragon Ball fans will/might remember this one. My favourite part of Dragon Ball is the Tournament saga. During Goku and Krillin's trai...

November 14, 2012


Dragon Ball

Continuing my Dragon Ball icons :) I kept the gloss at the top to echo Akira Toriyama's drawing style.

November 10, 2012


Hoi Poi Capsule

I woke up quite early this morning (3AM) because my throat is all messed up (I was finding it a bit hard to breathe so I had to wake up LOL), so I made this....

November 10, 2012

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Dragon Radar 2

The desktop version, and my first @2x shot! Hopefully it looks okay. I'm exporting as an icon for desktops when I figure out how to do it properly with all t...

November 09, 2012

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