February 01, 2013

I made a thing. I didn't want the location thing to be on it but i didn't do anything else with it. I think it's @2x


Dragon Radar

November 08, 2012

Practice :3 I might make a desktop icon version with the whole compass and stuff.


Animated Chat

October 25, 2012

Did this little animated icon for a school project :3 (Scaled up a bit for Dribbble)


Wacom iOS Icon

August 24, 2012

I made this last night around 1am. Practice I guess, I don't like working with black and well I think this helped. I'm not 100% on the colours/contrast etc since I haven't seen them on my iMac yet. :)

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Enders game

Ender's Game

May 28, 2012

I read the book and I loved it so I thought I would make a cover for it and stuff. I did this just now it's 3am and I'm tired maybe I'll change this comment tomorrow maybe i won't. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME. Edit 7 hours later: what. q_q