Eomg vol1

Elements of Motion Graphics: Volume 1

July 14, 2014

Breaking my 1 year hiatus here. Most of the time in the interim was spent learning programming. Preparing for my last year of uni and here's something that I am planning to use on my dissertation. This is my attempt at creating a modular...

Animated icons finale

Animated Icons Finale

October 10, 2012

Animation for those on mobile devices. I feel that this series of animated icons were well received by seeing inspired works and rebuilds in CSS. It's really heartening to see people getting inspired by these works. Thanks a lot Dribbbl...

Upload done

Animated Icons : Volume II

September 10, 2012

Next batch :)

Away or online

Animated Icons : Volume I

September 03, 2012

Taking my baby steps in animating things.