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  1. 14 Feb Prathyush Commented on mist by RomainTrystram

    Can you provide a wallpaper resolution please?

  2. 10 Feb Prathyush Commented on Diagram of Luna 9 Flight by Varun Vachhar

    Think this is best suited for a WebGL visualization.

  3. 7 Feb Prathyush Followed Brenttton.
  4. 7 Feb Prathyush Followed Olaf Muller.
  5. 21 Jan Prathyush Commented on Isometric City by Brianna Ailie

    I will say this here — You are one of the very few persons I have noticed here who comfortably navigates through distinct styles and forms and excels at almost all of them with much grace. Keep up the great work!

  6. 20 Jan Prathyush Commented on Doodling on Chrome by Eli Schiff


  7. 17 Jan Prathyush Commented on Dungeness Crab by Owen Davey

    Beautiful colours and textures on this one.

  8. 17 Jan Prathyush Commented on Tiny Adjustment by Eli Schiff

    @Aaron C-T What was disrespectful about my comment? That Eli's logo needs a stroke width fix?

  9. 17 Jan Prathyush Commented on Tiny Adjustment by Eli Schiff

    What genuinely needs fixing is this:

    I think both of these are two different logos and it's okay for them to retain their distinctive stroke widths. You are saying one should conform to the other one, which I find hard to agree with. Two different entities, two different styles.

  10. 10 Jan Prathyush Commented on Vintage Göztepe Arms by Ömer Çetin

    Amazing details!