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by Pieter van Est

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I recently finished this project after a few months of hard work. It was a challenging project and I had to make quite a few design concessions (both good an...

December 09, 2013

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Still working on this big project for a client. This screen shows some details about tools you can buy or add to your list. Check out the attachment for so...

September 16, 2013

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Working again on this project. A lightbox showing some more details for the users... Check out the attachment for the real pixels!

August 05, 2013

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Little list

More from this project... This time a little list with selected items. You can compare the different items in the list. Really having fun with this project ...

July 15, 2013


Working on the homepage for this client. The client liked this first attempt, but still need some more love:) Sorry for the photo, but can't show the real th...

June 26, 2013


Working on a new client project. This is going to be awesome:)! Really like the way it's going! More shots soon... What u guys think?

May 23, 2013