Peter Sather Creative Mornings St. Pete by Peter Sather

Branding & Illustration for the St. Pete chapter of Creative Mornings

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Creative Mornings Triptych

July 21, 2019

Full color CM St. Pete illustration. Didn't add color until just now. Still think i probably prefer the simpler blue line version, but thought it was a fun experiment regardless!

Rise & Shine

July 11, 2019

Go get em!

CM Mug Library

July 02, 2019

There are a number of popular beverages at Creative Mornings in St. Pete, but none more than that coveted bean juice. CM has a substantial Mug Library to make sure everyone has a ceramic container to cozy up to.

Creative Mornings St. Pete

July 01, 2019

Back of an illustration I had the pleasure of working on for Creative Mornings St. Pete once upon a time! Attached is the front which I think was so simple but so cool.

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Totes Into Reusables

September 14, 2018

Killed concept for some totebags, but I still think it's killer!