1. Various legendary character portraits character design characters drawing blackandwhite book childrens illustration illustration
    Various legendary character portraits
  2. Hacked off fiction childrens book blackandwhite digital illustration book adobe photoshop childrens illustration illustration
    Hacked off
  3. Commander Olafur vikings fiction childrens book adobe photoshop blackandwhite digital illustration childrens illustration illustration
    Commander Olafur
  4. Mac meets the Howler fiction childrens book pierre noire drawing book childrens illustration illustration
    Mac meets the Howler
  5. For the Fallen book childrens illustration digital illustration adobe photoshop illustration
    For the Fallen
  6. Fear in the forest blackandwhite wolf panic fear adobe photoshop digital illustration childrens illustration book illustration
    Fear in the forest
  7. Hilltop charcoaldrawing commission charcoal drawing illustration
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