Dribbble user cards volkov lubos

Credit card animation

January 25, 2017

Still trying to elevate experience of Survey Application. Now it was time to have a look on credit card section. Interested at my Dribbble process? See link below 🚀 — Article: How To Be Successful On Dribbble — I share behind the sc...

Dribbble user registration

User registration animation

January 11, 2017

Last week I was working on Settings Animation. Now it was time to have a look on user registration and on boarding. I also made short tutorial for you, check it below. 🚀 — Tutorial: How to make jelly animation under 60s — I share beh...

Dribbble gif conversation settings

Conversation settings animation

January 04, 2017

Last year I was working on Survey App. Now is time elevate entire experience to the next level. If you would be interested in Tutorial let me know! 😋 — I share behind the scenes on Instagram and I Tweet.

Survey App (study)

March 16, 2016

Hey guys! I finally get a chance to create small case study for Survey App. I wanted to share with your initial wireframes, branding direction and short motion prototype. I really had fun making this app reality :) — View Behance Case...

Survey App

March 02, 2016

I have decided to share with you few apps. I was working in the past, let’s start with Survey App. This app allows you to share simple survey with your friends our customers. I'm working on case study now stay tuned :) *** Behind story ...

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