Video Game Emblem / Badge

July 24, 2018

Battalion 1944 needed an emblem for their new ranking system... or at least I thought their existing one wasn't up to snuff! :p With the announcement going out the following day, I whipped up this badge in an afternoon to give them a s...

Battalion Wartide Coin

May 22, 2018

I've been working on some exciting work with the team behind Battalion 1944. Though there is much I can't share, this is a start. My first challenge was visualising the in game currency, this came in the form of a token that users recei...

Sergeant Major | Rank Icon

March 30, 2016

Edit: I am going to be re looking at this project as I think the icons should reflect a more authentic style. I am currently developing a set of forum icons for a video game. This is out of the scope of the client brief, but I thought i...

News animation2

News card hover animation

March 27, 2016

Experimenting with interaction design today. This is a part of a larger client project I am currently working on. Be sure to check out the 2X version as the darker colour scheme may not present well at a smaller size.