Cafe Story Exploration

June 09, 2018

Experimenting with alternative ways to tell the story of the brand. Changing typography orientation adds dynamic and enforces a sense of novelty. What do you think about adding this visual as part of the About page? * * * Follow for m...

Loren's Cafe About

June 08, 2018

Time to tell a story 🍹 Every time I work on a project that doesn't have a content I create it myself or at least try to right down a few sample lines of copy. This is always a chance to improve own copywriting skills that are so importan...

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Loren's Cafe Logo

June 07, 2018

Let's make lemonade when life has brought us some lemons 🍹 A good motto for positive-minded cafe owners. This is how I envision an ideal local cafe where you forget about all the hassles and worries and just speak to lovely and friendly ...

Loren's Cafe Menu

June 06, 2018

Hope you're hungry because there is plenty of tasty options on Loren's cafe menu 😋 To check the full list go to the attachment of real pixels. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the details of this page 🤔 * * * Follow for more desi...

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Local Cafe Homepage

June 04, 2018

Sharing some fresh stuff with you. This is a homepage sneak peek for local cafe website that supposes to be friendly, inviting and modern. Initially, it was a test assignment for a job position that I didn't get in the end. But love the...