Me small Pixel Dropr - new PS plugin

by Norm

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Pixel Dropr V1.1 - Library

So I've been working on some updates for my Photoshop plugin Pixel Dropr. There is a few little tweaks here and there and some bigger new features to. This ...

March 26, 2013

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Pixel Dropr aka Pez Dispenser

So folks here it is, my first complete project of the new year! I'm glad I can finally share the Pixel Dropr Photoshop plugin with you. Its a cool little to...

February 10, 2013

Plugin ui

Little Pez.

This is a little look at how designers may use your next ui kit. Plugin look different to previous shots? Thats because this is another plugin I'll be relea...

February 08, 2013

Info page

Refill Info Page

This is the refill info popup, users who create refills can attached a nice little preview and a brief description. This makes your graphic set (refill) feel...

February 01, 2013

Comes in black

Comes in Black

Thanks to GuideGuide mystro Cameron Mcefee my next ps plugin will ship with theme support. Heres a look at it in the sexy PS dark ui. also incase you missed...

January 23, 2013


PS PEZ Plugin - video demo

So im just putting the finishing touches to the last few features on my next PS plugin release. Heres a little brief pre release demo just to give you an ide...

January 15, 2013


PEZ Dispenser for designers - New PS plugin

Imagine there was a Photoshop plugin that allowed you to create your own graphic collections of pretty much anything made from pixels. I'm not talking single...

January 09, 2013


PS plugin - Parachute branding

A little taster of the branding and webpage design for my new PS plugin. The webpage has a cool little animation where the logo (a pixel on a parachute) floa...

December 10, 2012