Drink up, Comrades!

January 04, 2019

Our this years office party is Russian themed, from Slav squats to Tetris and dancing bears, from sending dogs to space to drinking insane. Homage to Viktor Ivanovich Govorkov's anti-alcohol propaganda poster "Нет!" - Press ♥ for l’amour...


November 28, 2018

What on earth could someone mean with an eggplant emoji? Well, we have some great ideas on mind... Like eggplant burgers or lasagne or even a nice ratatouille! We will totally figure out for what eggplants are used for in our teambuildin...

Too many cooks 💩 the broth? 👀

November 26, 2018

20 cooks, 4 delicious courses. How could we ever pull this off? Well, with a lot of laughs, wine and great company of course! Our teambuilding cooking event will prove once and for all that many cooks make an amazing broth! - Want to s...


November 23, 2018

Do you know what is wrong with this hamburger? We will be sure not to make mistakes in our teambuilding cooking event! - Want to say hi? Drop us a line at hello@nope.ee


October 14, 2017

🕸️ Another day, another party for the collective. This time it is Hallowiiner. 🕷️