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Daily UI 004 • Currency Calculator

September 28, 2017

Dead simple currency converter app for Mac OS. Idea was to just type any currency you want to convert without the need for select currency > type value. Just start typing. Or you could just cmd+space and convert from there :P. But onl...

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Daily UI 003 • Above The Fold

September 27, 2017

Chose Android Studio for this challenge, it's more fun redesigning. Super minimal approach, idea was to also highlight touchbar actions for Android Studio (which as of now can only be achieved with a BTT addon).

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Sep 25 2017 23 09 51

Daily UI 001 • Sign Up

September 25, 2017

Just subscribed to dailyui and already a day late 😅. A super simple, straightforward sign up page, redesigned Google Wallpapers. Animated with FramerJs.

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