DoubleDutch Hive by Nicholas Swanson

HYVE is a set of mobile-only products dedicated to serving the enterprise. Products are currently Sales, Field, Events, and CSR.

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Hive deal sm


July 24, 2012

Another view from the iOS app, in private beta and launching publicly soon (see the full shot attached). Specifically, the view is the details for a sales account, where you can launch a call or email, and when you return to the app you ...

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Hive update sm


June 07, 2012

In the middle of building this bad boy. It's a mobile-only CRM, which has been a fun challenge. Check out the attachment for the full view as well as tidbits of notes around it.

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Hive widget

Android Widget

May 24, 2012

Minimalistic 4x2 Android widget to accompany the upcoming Hive launch.

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Hive menu


May 06, 2012

Trying a different style of menu. When the menu button is tapped, the options slide out from underneath the header bar ('x' to close). Full photo and original design attached. Thoughts?

Mini icons

Mini Icons

April 20, 2012

Some icons to be used throughout the iOS and Android app. It was a great exercise in trying to create something small, yet clear.

Update map

Update Opportunity

October 26, 2011

Geo is a core function of HYVE, so it makes sense to apply it in key views. Here is one for the 'update' view, where users will land from a geofencing notification upon reaching a client's location.



October 25, 2011

Activation screen for the upcoming HYVE Sales launch. So close!

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Sales teaser

Sales Goals + Landing Page

August 30, 2011

Sketching out the goals views for HYVE Sales. Also pictured is the landing page for a forthcoming marketing campaign for the product.

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