Daily ui challenge 060 - Color picker

February 10, 2019

Here's the color picker screen coming from a smart lighting project, that I reused for the daily ui challenge

Light dimmer

February 10, 2019

Here, the light dimmer regulation screen coming from a smart lighting project

Desktop interface for a waste disposal platform

January 02, 2019

Hello! here's the new freelance project I am currently working on: the redesign of a website that helps users to find the right company that manages waste disposal.

Industrial HMI

December 11, 2018

Here's the initial proposal for a HMI for a pharmaceutical production line

Flow charts processes

December 04, 2018

Here's an example of flowchart

Single test detail

October 26, 2018

Hello everyone, here's a shot of the production steps of a paint.

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Industrial dashboard

October 17, 2018

Hello, this is a dashboard I've been working on lately (a partial view from a much bigger project)

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October 09, 2018

Hello there! Here's a wizard interface, from a much bigger project. Hop you like it!