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  1. 27 Mar
    Nicholas Hammond
    Commented on Liberty City Blue Jays - Paintball Jersey

    Snapshot of a WIP for Liberty City Blue Jay's high school paintball team. Always awesome to see high school students get a team together as they are the up and coming players who will be bringing the sport to a new level someday.

    to be printed on the "Flow" cut of jersey

  2. 5 Mar
    Nicholas Hammond
    Commented on Float:Milwaukee Website

    Spent the last several months working on a startup business entitled Float:Milwaukee which aims to be the first sensory deprivation business in Milwaukee, WI.

    Project included logo design, branding, marketing, social media, web design and much more.

    Doing a lot more web stuff as of recently to expand my skillset - :)

  3. 5 Mar
    Nicholas Hammond
    Commented on Lord of the Flies Book Cover

    This is tight!

  4. 7 Feb
    Nicholas Hammond
    Commented on Logo WIP

    Working on some logo drafts for a client that is in the process of starting a website for mens fashion.

    Liked the direction this one was heading.

    Need a logo, tshirt, or jersey design? Get at me! :)

  5. 24 Jan
    Nicholas Hammond
    Commented on Hooligans - Paintball Jersey #2

    Final design for the Hooligans team jersey. Excited to see these bad boys printed and in action. :)