School Timetable

September 17, 2013

An alternate grid view of the timetable

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School Bulletins

August 01, 2013

The future of teacher student communications? We hope so. Here is the bulletin section of our Kambala school app, teachers can send individual messages to students, or to a whole class or group.

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School Education App - timetable V2

June 12, 2013

Getting closer to the final schedule design now. We've added the room, the number of the period, the time of the class, an icon for the lesson and when your breaks are. The clock icon represents today, and the squares is week view. Mor...

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School Education App - timetable

April 29, 2013

More on our simple education app for schools. Check the 2x. We went lighter because we thought it would be a bit more functional. You will be able to swipe between the tabs. Let us know your feedback!


Education app teaser

April 17, 2013

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