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52 animations (one a week) from 52 illustrations of Dribbbleneers... Dribblenators... Dribbb...blarians..... people on Dribbble.

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The Power of Imagination

June 06, 2019

I love this piece by @tatooine girl. Go check her work out. I just had to bring in a contrasting red. Love the final product, no splatters, no stripes, minimal, like the artist intended.

O many a night!

June 04, 2019

Beautiful work by @Gillian Levine, reminded me of when i was a wee little baby. I almost burned myself out on the previous animation so this time i played by some rules. Only rotation,scale & position editing allowed. Free range on t...

Windy Selfie

June 01, 2019

Beautiful work by the @Kit8 guys. I just had to animate this one. They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. Well this animation speaks of 71 shape layers. Two little white stripes on the original and I make it look like a hurricane is abou...

Don't drive & High 5

May 23, 2019

In my quest to animate amazing illustrations done by Amazing Artists. I came across this beauty by Loris R. Alessandria. And me loving dogs and driving just thought I would animate this one. Keep up the great work Loris!!

The Last Selfie

May 18, 2019

With Photoshop and clone brush you can pretty much paint another picture. Everything in this image has movement, except the mountains and the houses. It was a nice challenge. Thanks to @Uran for the amazing illustration to work off.

Anton fritsler

Nothing's gonna stop her from checking her phone

May 15, 2019

Working on my After effects drawing skills i wanted to rebound some of the great work @Anton Fritsler (kit8) does. I only gave myself 3 hours, hence the shadow is not animated properly. I am getting faster though.