Modisana Illustr8ed Branding by Modisana

This is branding for my own little everything design studio. Actually not everything, just illustration, branding, web design and photography/ videography.

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Cheetah illustration

October 11, 2016

I actually posted this late September but like all nit-picky designer wanna-bes like my self, I looked at it, judged it, hated it and decided to tweak and repost it. Larger version in the attachement. Behance Instagram.

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September 26, 2016

I did a design illustration for a t-shirt for a client. They decided to go with a different design direction. Turns out the style that I created compliments my logo and works well for my brand's visual identity. So this is the the first ...

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Webpage shot

illustr8ed Splash Page

May 07, 2012

'Sup erbuddy! My placeholder website is up. Now this should make me look a lot more competent than the ISP's default coming soon page every did. Actually that made me look like monkey. It also made some potential clients say stuff like "...

Illustr8ed shot

illustr8ed Logo Design

May 03, 2012

Hey guys. I thought I should make my first shot to be about a personal project that I am still working and have been for a little while. Now I should be posting updates and designs on branding material as I go along. The idea on this one...