Z + Ticket Logo Exploration 2

March 22, 2019

Logo Exploration for previously uploaded shot, based on the idea of Z + Ticket, but in a more flowy and dynamic approach. The fold idea is based on the sketch of @Vadim Carazan which I immediately liked and decided to further develop an...

Financial Organization Logo Explorations

March 20, 2019

Symbol Explorations part of a project for a big Non Profit financial organization from the USA, the marks are based on the 4 pillars of services they have : thought leadership, measurement, innovation and membership Feedback welcome.

Job Listings Website Logo Proposal Option 1

February 20, 2019

Logo proposal for work in progress project for a Job Listings website, made out of Letter A + Person to emphasize on the idea of hiring, searching people, Feedback welcome in any form, will post soon the 2-nd option.

Gekyume Marketing Logo Variation

February 15, 2019

Logo Variation (Outline) for Gekyume — Digital Marketing Agency, feedback welcome, Which is your favourite version? Outline or Shape

Booking Application Logo Proposals

February 13, 2019

Logo proposals for wordpress based Booking / Appointment / Scheduling application, Client already had in mind the idea with the W + Calendar, so I just took it and improved it, thus generating these two marks, Will post soon the approv...

Logo Exploration for Marketing Agency

February 08, 2019

Hi everyone, here's some explorations I did for a marketing agency, idea behind the logo is based on a pattern from a ring, will post soon the approved concept, Until then — feedback welcome and let me know what strikes you most? Sh...

Helloguys Logo Proposal

February 06, 2019

Logo Proposal for helloguys — growth marketing startup, this is the 1-st option from 2 proposals, will upload soon the approved option.

Travin Logo Update

February 01, 2019

Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you the update I did for the Travin logo, during the new Episode of Logo Therapy for "The Futur Academy" you can see the full show on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzpEFVVSrBI