Zawadi Logo Proposal Option 2 for Ticketing Platform

March 08, 2019

Second Logo Proposal for Zawadi — Ticketing platform. Concept was made with the Letter Z in mind + Tickets, this is an unused proposal out of 3 that have been sent, Will post soon the approved logo design, feedback welcome for this one.

Zawadi Logo Proposal for Ticketing Platform

March 06, 2019

Logo proposal for Zawadi — Ticketing platform in which event tickets are managed as tokens on a public blockchain. Zawadi's task is to distribute counterfeit-proof event tickets as well as facilitate peer to peer transfers of ticket owne...

Job Listings Website Logo Proposal Option 2

March 01, 2019

Second option for Job listings website — A + checkmark that stands for ready, choice and getting things done, Unused symbol, can be purchased and updated upon request, Feedback welcome.

Legal Services Logo Design Proposal Option 2

December 12, 2018

Second logo proposal for a independent lawyer. Elements used: Pillar with Flame together forming a Torch More options to come soon, feedback is welcome!

Legal Services Logo Design Proposal

December 11, 2018

Hey, here's a logo proposal for an independent attorney, idea behind the mark is made out of First Name Initial Letter M and Pillars, Court Feedback Welcome, more options to come soon.

Letter M Logo Design for IT Management Company Option 2

November 22, 2018

Hi, here's the 2-nd option for a IT company that helps companies manage their IT infrastructure on a per-user/monthly basis, I tried going with a mighty M here to emphasize the name that the logo stands for (Mighty M******) while also k...

Hook Logo Design for Social Wi-fi Platfrom (Unused)

November 12, 2018

Logo design proposal for Hook — Social Wi-fi platform. Main idea revolves around the wi-fi symbol and letter H, collaboration with → @Vadim Carazan Feedback Welcome.

Payment System Logo Proposal 02

November 02, 2018

Logo proposal #2 for payment system, symbols used: Wallet (Money, finance, currency) + Arrow (Send, transfer)