ProtoPie Course

July 24, 2019

Playing a lot with blending modes now that CSS and SwiftUI support them widely. Landing page for my upcoming ProtoPie course.

SwiftUI App

June 14, 2019

Menu and course page design for the SwiftUI course I'm working on.

SwiftUI Course

June 13, 2019

Preparing a course to teach designers SwiftUI. It's gonna be fun.

Double Cards UI

May 24, 2019

Going to try out this double cards swipe navigation for the Framer Playground course I'm currently working on.

Framer Playground Course

May 23, 2019

Working a new Framer Playground course for Design+Code that's going to push me to design and code pretty complex animations and interactions, all within the design tool. Design made in Framer. Illustrations by Undraw Icons by Featheric...

React Native for Designers

February 15, 2019

Spent 3 months on this one. Created an Android and iOS app from scratch and recorded 6 hours of video teaching all the techniques. This course is made for designers. Illustrations by @Marisa Chentakul ...

Angle 2 Mockups

February 26, 2018

After 6 months, I'm launching Angle 2, a massive Sketch library of vector devices. All the iOS / Android devices now come in Clay, Color or Real versions. You can easily edit the Symbol Overrides to quickly switch between different shado...

Design+Code 2 Release

December 29, 2017

It's finally released! 72 sections, 100k words, 102 wallpapers. iOS app + Website. 5 months, thousands of hours. This is a project where I learned how to build a fairly complex iOS app from scratch. Wrote all those lessons in the book an...