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by Meng To

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Playing with blending modes in Sketch. This is based on the Dieter Rams Clock/Radio design. I wrote about this in my new blog post: Experimenting With Colors...

April 19, 2013

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Browser .sketch

I'm sharing a free browser template with 5 blurred backgrounds that you can use for your presentations. Enjoy! Download the .sketch file

April 11, 2013

iOS Notifications

I think what needs redesign the most for iOS 7 is the Notifications tray. In this respect, I think Android is ahead, although I find the latter to be too bus...

April 04, 2013

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Music Player

Joining the rebound party. A little practice in designing a UI based on the colors of the background and artwork. Check out the 2x. Download the .sketch Bl...

March 26, 2013


This started as an experiment with colors and subtle gradients. Then, I decided to create a theme for the Heyzap blog using our colors. The halo/glow animati...

March 25, 2013

Wireframe iPhone

Wrote a little guide about how to wireframe in Sketch by using Linked Styles: How To Wireframe An iPhone App In Sketch Download the Wireframe UI Kit: Dark B...

March 19, 2013



Just playing with some buttons and sharing the UI. I'm also making a habit of making the flat version to understand what works best. Download the .sketch: T...

March 17, 2013

Minimal iPhone Dark

As promised, this is the dark version of the Minimal iPhone. I also made the dark Dieter Rams UI, which I'm sharing as a freebie. Download the Sketch files:...

March 15, 2013