I am an experienced freelance Ghostwriter, Editor/Proofreader and Graphic Artist. I adore fantasy, paranormal and contemporary stories and art. I am a dedicated candidate with a proven track record.

As I am a fantasy/paranormal romance and erotica author myself. I understand, on a cellular level, what it takes to catch a reader's eye.

I have been a published author since 2009, under the pen names Kayden McLeod and Kinsey Knight. I have released over fifteen full length books and short stories. Although, there is only eleven currently in circulation.

Over my career, I've touched on almost every step of publishing, from conception, to fruition. I have marketed my own books, and as well as others'.

I have owned a book review company, and ran my own marketing firm that catered to both authors and publishers. In this capacity, I functioned as Cover/Graphic Artist, a Designer and Editor/Proofreader.

New Orleans, LA

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