2022 Logo Update

January 02, 2022

The ol' annual update to my logo.

Initial Components

December 25, 2021

It's been a couple of months since I began a very iterative redesign process for my personal website. I'm far from done, but I decided now is a nice time to review my progress & reorient myself for the next set of updates.Everything ...

Interim Navigation Modal

December 08, 2021

Hacked together this navigation modal using a bunch of existing components. It's kind of a hot mess, but it lets me quickly wire up all my pages until I find time to design something prettier! I've got a lot of ideas for the next iterati...

Contact Modal

December 05, 2021

Another micro-update to my portfolio micro-site! I'm working on expanding this into a full portfolio, but I'm enjoying doing so at a relaxed pace of small iterations whenever I find time.Most of my time was spent introducing SSL, but I a...

Tooltip Component

July 06, 2021

Tiny update to my personal website: I introduced a tooltip component!It's just a bit of CSS that triggers when you hover on a container. Currently it's only implemented on my contact button, but I'll be re-using it elsewhere soon.Check i...

Product Design Portfolio (mini site)

June 27, 2021

I'm finally revamping my personal website!I'll slowly build it out in public over the next year(s). I started with this quick mini site (https://www.maximillian.nyc/product.html), essentially just a fancy link tree only consisting of two...