1. Best of 2018 dashboard application design chart ux ui material design app data user interface
    Best of 2018
  2. Analytics Design System design system figma chart widgets material design user interface ux ui
    Analytics Design System
  3. Segmentation Builder app user interface marketing campaign tool segmentation segment material design data condition builder
    Segmentation Builder
  4. Crypto Dashboard transactions ethereum market trade green dashboard crypto
    Crypto Dashboard
  5. Whiteboard Builder architectural planner material design startup ux user interface ui marketing campaign application design design interaction whiteboard
    Whiteboard Builder
  6. Employee Mobile Experinece App material design task jobs data user interface ux ui app android recruit social
    Employee Mobile Experinece App
  7. Friendly Application user interface ux ui app android ios location startup events social
    Friendly Application
  8. Simple Recruiting Platform system dashboard crm ui ux startup platform recruitment salesforce
    Simple Recruiting Platform
  9. Video App geolocation photo video onboarding social ux ui app ios
    Video App
  10. Powerful and Scalable Medical System responsive design interface design material design architectural planner uxui
    Powerful and Scalable Medical System
  11. Pressure Heart Assistant App ux user interface ui graphs data chart health heart medical app android ios
    Pressure Heart Assistant App
  12. Dribbble Hello hello vector illustration design design graphic thanks invite first shoot dribbble
    Dribbble Hello
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