Daily UI - 100 Days by Marcin Leman

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Daily UI #005, App Icon

November 26, 2015

Hi dribbblers ! Daily UI day 005 - short thriller with dramatic moments.. in other words, designing an icon. Icons designed for Noisli App (http://www.noisli.com/) that lets you listen (in the same time!) wide range of sounds, starting...

Daily UI #004, Calculator (with syntax highlighting!)

November 24, 2015

Hi again today ! :) Daily UI day 004 means calculator.. Simple and functional, with syntax highlighting, memory triggered by tapping result from history. For details check bigger version. Hm, it's time to learn Principle app... Daily ...

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Daily UI #003, Landing Page

November 24, 2015

Hi all, Finally completed my third day of #dailyUI. Yes, it's one of my dreams to visit Tromsø and watch Northern lights. It's really breathtaking, see it here: https://vimeo.com/21419634. Landing page is based on my favorite 17-colum...

Credit Card Checkout, Daily UI #002

November 19, 2015

I thought that the design of the payment process is a good opportunity to mention a worthy initiative, so this shot is dedicated to http://siepomaga.pl. Siepomaga.pl, the Internet Helping Platform, mainly used to collect donations for s...

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Sign Up form, Daily UI #001

November 16, 2015

I decided to join DailyUI challenge, and I hope to survive 100 days. This shot may looks not as simple as it is, but some day I will make it live with floating labels etc, so stay tuned! See you tomorrow (: #dailyui #001

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